Heroes 5 Wiki

What are .PAK files?[]

PAK files are archives that are used by the game engine to load game data when the H5_game.exe is launched. It is one of the main places to do changes in order to alter various aspects of the game.

How to open .PAK files?[]

PAK archives are actually a ZIP archive. You can use any archive application[1] program to extract their content. There are 2 ways to do it:

  1. Right click on pack -> Extract /should be an option for the archiver you have installed/
  2. Open the archiver program. Browse to the place where the .pak file is. Select it and click the "extract" option on the archiver.

How to change or create a .PAK file?[]

In order to make a .pak that will be used by the game engine, you need to keep specific file structure that is required by the game. To find out what it is just extract <game folder>/data/data.pak file and check its contents.

Note: After data.pak or any other .pak file is extracted, right click on the folder, go to properties and uncheck option "READ ONLY" for all files and subfolders, otherwise no file edits can be made.

How to create and what to put in a .PAK file?[]

The contents of a pak file should be everything that you modified or used in the modified files. There are 2 main rules that are important when working with .PAK files:

  1. When archiving modified files back to a .PAK package, make sure the same file and directory structure is kept otherwise the game wont be able to find the files.
  2. If the same file exist twice or more in different .PAK files, the game will use the one with the most recent modified date.

Create a .PAK file examples:

  • Changing the speed of Titans, require only to put the GameMechanics\Creature\Creatures\Academy\ folder and only the Titan.xdb file, which holds the speed value change.
  • If the Titan is given a Chain Lightning and a new changed cast animation, the same things will be done with the Chain_Lightning_Hit.xdb file and the Titan-arena.(AnimSet).xdb file.

Lets create a .PAK file with modded Titan unit stats:

  • Take the Titan file GameMechanics\Creature\Creatures\Academy\Titan.xdb, open it and do a change.
  • Create a folder named TEST and inside it make the same file structure expected by the game GameMechanics\Creature\Creatures\Academy\ and put Titan.xdb inside.
  • Go inside folder TEST, select GameMechanics folder, right click on it and create an archive file called modded_titan.zip
  • Rename the newly created archive from modded_titan.zip to modded_titan.pak
  • Put modded_titan.pak in <game folder>/data