This wiki focus exclusively on the modding knowledge and capabilities of the map editor for Ubisoft's game Heroes of Might and Magic V (HoMMV). Here you will find walkthroughs, map making and modding guides .

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  • Academy - Battle
  • Demon - Custom
  • Haven - Map
  • Haven - Battle
  • Demon - Map
  • Undead vs. Dungeon
  • Dungeon vs. Haven
  • Undead - Battle
  • Dungeon - Battle
  • Sylvan - Map
  • Academy vs. Necromancer
  1. Modding Tools
  2. Modding For Dummies (An Excellent Getting Started Tutorial)
  3. XDB (XML) Reference
  4. Creature and Hero Stats, Skills, and Abilities
  5. Textures, Appearance, and Music
  6. Map Making

Advanced Modding Edit

  1. LUA fundamentals
  2. LUA implementation in heroes V
  3. LUA common functions
  4. Scripting
  5. Add new skill

Heroes V Frameworks Edit

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