This wiki focus exclusively on the modding knowledge and capabilities of the map editor for Ubisoft's game Heroes of Might and Magic V (HoMMV). Here you will find walkthroughs, map making and modding guides.

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Creature/hero stats

  1. Creature and Hero Stats, Skills, and Abilities
  2. Add and remove creatures' Abilities and Spells
  3. Modifying Creatures stats

Music, Sounds and Texts

  1. Modifying Sounds
  2. Modifying Music
  3. Modifying Texts

Textures & Animations

  1. Import creature models/animations from Heroes 7 to Heroes V
  2. Texture modding
  3. Texture Editing
  4. Transparency 101
  5. Animations
  6. Modding Animations

Scripting and Assembly

  1. LUA fundamentals
  2. LUA implementation in heroes V
  3. LUA common functions
  4. LUA Adventure mode environment
  5. Scripting
  6. Add new skill

Heroes V Frameworks

  1. Heroes V engine
  2. New Creature Framework (NCF)
  3. New Hero Class Framework (NHCF)
  4. Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 Framework (MMH55)

Map Making

  1. Beginning Map-Making Guide
  2. Adding Splash Screens and Thumbnails
  3. Adding Random Mixed Neutrals
  4. Map Property Reference
  5. The Essentials of Masking

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